Modern life can be stressful, from balancing the needs of the families and work lives can often cause the feelings of stress and anxiety. Anxiety about the deadlines from work, school and social situation is normal for most people. But if an individual suffers from an anxiety disorder the sense of nervousness is chronic that lasts for six months or more. These feelings can be overpowering and often out of proportion over reality.

Anxiety is a physiological response to a stressful situation. It is related to the so-called fight and flight response. When faced with a dangerous situation anxiety can be useful tool to anticipate trouble and sparing us into action and keeping us in harm’s way. Anxiety can be called a disorder when these feelings are persistent and interferes with everyday life. Social anxiety or social phobia is one the five types of anxiety disorder. It is characterized by the intense fear of everyday social interaction. An individual with this type of disorder has the feeling that they are being watched or judged by others.

There are awesome but legal over-the-counter drugs that works as fine or way better than the prescription drugs in managing anxiety. Sulbutiamine is an example of this OTC drug available for eliminating anxiety and social anxiety.

Sulbutiamine is discovered by the Japanese during World War I when the Japanese sailors began to experienced loss of mental alertness and signs of fatigue. These underlying symptoms turned out to be Beriberi a disease that is caused by thiamine deficiency (Vit B1). They wanted to develop a rendition of Thiamine that have a long acting effect and that could reach the brain conveniently. Isobutyryl thiamine disulfide is the other term for Sulbutiamine. It’s a fat-soluble synthetic derivative of thiamine. Increasing its fat-solubility it crosses the blood-brain barrier (a thin membrane encasing the head) resulting in its action.

Increasing the response of certain stimuli at the receptor site that is responsible for regulating the arousal and motivation of the brain is thought to be the mechanism of Sulbutiamine to significantly reduce the psycho-behavioral inhibition. This includes the pattern of fearfulness, timidity, wariness and restraint from new stimuli generally found in those individual suffering from shyness and depression. Sulbutiamine regulates the release of dopamine – a brain chemical that is directly related to emotion, alertness and impulsivity. In relation it promotes wakefulness, decreases anxiety.

It is also believed that Sulbutiamine increases the glutamatergic activity in the prefrontal cortex of the brain that is involved in complicated cognitive behavior, decision making and controlling correct social behavior. By this mode of action Sulbutiamine helps individuals with social anxiety by boosting their confidence in dealing with bosses, tough clients, irate customers, fellow workers etc. This leads to increased happiness.

The benefits of Sulbutiamine in improving memory, enhance cognitive functioning and mental alertness is through the increase cholinergic activity and glutamatergic activity, both facilitate the release of acetylcholine and glutamate brain chemicals responsible for memory and cognitive performance.

If you have a short memory or trouble learning you do not have to suffer. Fatigue and stress can contribute to these cognitive factors and we are constantly looking for ways to reduce these. The good news is that there are certain supplements and drugs that can help with these problems. These drugs and supplements range from herbal products to prescription medications like “smart drugs” for ADHD. It is best to pick a supplement or drug that will have limited side effects and be good for the long term.

Energy Drinks & Supplements

energy drinks

With the age of smart phones and technology, comes the advancement of energy supplements. Not all of these energy supplements are that great for us and most just work as stimulants to burn us out in the long run. A lot, of these products are also just built on “hype” and there is nothing new or proprietary in it. Many of the energy drinks and supplements used today are very unhealthy and used in excess. Some people will drink 2-3 energy drinks a day however this is not normal or healthy and is unnaturally stimulating to the body and mind.

Coffee is another product many people use every day. Coffee also has the main ingredient that works in most energy drinks which is known as caffeine of course. Caffeine is a good energy supplement however when used in excess it can cause negative reactions. In higher doses, caffeine is even toxic. Caffeine is an alkaloid that works to limit a neurotransmitter that supresses the central nervous system. This may be great in small doses to “wake up” however many people have too much caffeine and this just isn’t a healthy choice.

“Smart Drugs” for ADHD

Many college students use smart drugs to help them get through exams and times of heavy workloads. These drugs work fairly well to improve overall productivity however the side effects and tolerance issues make them not good for the long run.
adderall smart drug & brain

Also, many people who use these types of drugs do so without a prescription which can be illegal. There is a reason these types of drugs are illegal and that is because they are dangerous and highly addictive. The people that use these drugs refer to them as “smart drugs” because they can quickly and easily boost levels of cognitive performance. This is true as these types of drugs are meant to stimulate the central nervous system.

This is usually done with amphetamines. Amphetamines increase the strength and interaction with monoamine neurotransmitters like dopamine while also stimulating the body with other neurotransmitters. This can increase both cognitive ability and work as a stimulant like caffeine. While these types of ADHD drugs like Adderall are quite effective, they are not recommended unless provided you have supervision by a doctor.


Nootropics are very effective at boosting the mind like smart drugs however they do not have stimulant effects like caffeine. This is because nootropics generally work on different neurotransmitter systems.

The great thing about nootropics is that side effects and tolerance are often very minimal. They are very well tolerated in most people and are often suited for long term use. Many nootropics also have neuroprotecting qualities that can be quite useful to reduce oxidative damage and “brain aging”.

One of the most well-known in the nootropic family is piracetam. This is a drug known as “nootropil” in some countries however in the US you can obtain it as a dietary supplement powder. It is important to find a recommended vendor as some of the piracetam and nootropics vendors are not recommended.

There are many types of nootropics to choose from including herbal and natural products that are very effective. Many people will combine different types of nootropics to create something known as a “stack”. This stack is meant to improve the efficiency of each nootropic by providing effects that attenuate each other.

So go ahead, try nootropics. Energy supplements and illegal stimulants may work for the short term however, if you are looking for a permanent and long term solution, look for products like nootropics. Some people create stacks for the long term and cycle them off in times of need. The key is to play around and find the right combination that works for you. Since every brain is different, it is good to find what is right for you.

Category: Improvement

As people grow old, all they wish is financial stability, not only for them but for their families as well. Upon graduating college and entering the working world, these people struggle to earn a living. Whether it is a physical or mental struggle, every effort counts. That is why working professionals can afford anything except getting sick. Sickness will hinder them from functioning at the best of their abilities. Aside from sickness, working professionals also worry about the degradation of their brain cells, which result to decrease of mental power through the years. People in the corporate world who rely on their brain capacity to work are in trouble if their thinking capacity begins to slow eventually.

As much as they hate having to deal with mental issues, the death of brain cells is a natural process. The only thing they could do is to delay it and nourish their brain cells or neurons in order to enjoy their mental capacity at its finest a little longer. For old people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, they often turn to Nootropics to improve their memory and cognitive functions. Nootropics are also called smart drugs by medical scientists due to its ability to sharpen the mind and improve other mental functions like learning and recall. Nootropics could also be combined into stacks in order to maximize the benefits.

In the market, Alpha Brain is becoming a popular formulation among students and working professionals. Made from natural extracts, this consumer- produced Nootropics is effective in boosting one’s awareness as well as in improving mental activities. It is a fast-acting formulation composed of Huperzine A and Alpha GPC. Alpha GPC can increase the production of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter, in the body, resulting to better transmitting of messages among neurons. Furthermore, Alpha GPC helps improve the short-term memory, making it a perfect alternative cure for Alzheimer’s disease. On the other hand, Huperzine A keeps the Acetylcholine from disappearing in the bloodstream. It makes sure that the level of acetylcholine is up and about for better brain functions. In conclusion, Alpha Brain is a good formula for working professionals if they need the extra boost of brain power for their day-to-day work.

Enhanced focus, a healthy mental drive, a calm mind and a good night’s sleep are the things offered by Alpha Brain. If you need a perfectly-balanced Nootropic formula for your glory years, choose Alpha Brain.

Brain enhancement pills are no ordinary medicines made to replenish the brain’s functionality. There are various advantages associated with this smart drug and can be used for a number of reasons. Some reasons are just not worth avoiding hence many doctors have now taken the support of brain enhancement pills to cure their patients for a number of problems. These problems first develop slight symptoms and then gradually grow to become major psychological and physical functioning problems regardless of the age of the person. In order to avoid these problems from growing in a body’s system, following are some of the early signs and symptoms showing the necessity to take brain enhancement pills. These pills are available at medical stores and trusted online drug stores where anyone can purchase them with a prescription or medical proof of requirement.

The first symptom that comes up is laziness and excessive fatigue. This symptom cannot be avoided in today’s world where nearly everyone works on a tight schedule and deal with difficult errands on an hourly basis. The brain’s capacity to deal with high-level fatigue decreases with time which reflects through the performance of an individual. A person grows tired and lazy towards his or her daily commitments; which is considered to be an abnormal state of the brain if it continues on a consistent basis.

Another common symptom is short term memory loss. Memory loss can be very worrying and troubling for a person who is working professionally. This symptom reflects that the brain is not able to store daily data or access it when required. For this purpose, brain enhancement pills are required for the affected person who can then cope with memory loss and remember things when he or she is required to.

Furthermore, a person who cannot give proper attention to something important or cannot focus on a particular task also requires brain enhancement pills. Whether attention is required at work or for studying, individuals who lack the ability to concentrate on their objectives need brain enhancement pills in order to pursue their targets. Unlike other pills, this supplement does not affect the person in a negative way like other supplements might hence even younger adults can take them when they face urgent deadlines and during studying sessions.

Brain enhancement supplements have been created by natural and effective methods in order to improve the functionality of any person who decides to take them. It is the only kind of medicine which helps people become active and healthy at the same time.

What is a ‘dull’ person like? A dull person lacks the interest or excitement of almost anything. There is nothing in general that would interest him or her potentially enabling that person to waste life in general. Such people lack motivation to do anything. They have no targets or goals in life and they do not wish to have them anyway. They prefer to waste their own time and the time of others. They are psychologically and physically unhealthy in every possible manner. These people require a boost in their lives initiating from their nervous systems also known as the brain.

In order to bring out the dull people into the light, researchers have produced a revolutionary drug which assists them mentally to pick themselves up and realize what they are losing in life; time being the most important. These drugs are called, brain boosters or brain enhancement pills.

These brain enhancement pills are supplements made from natural resources which are known to boost the brain and get a person going towards his or her goals. These pills act as vitamins but are truly something different since their effect is almost instant.

With the help of a brain enhancement pill, a person is able to activate brain receptors which stop functioning effectively with time making a person a dull and uninteresting human being. These drugs help build motivation to do something in life and live happily thereafter. With the help of these drugs, many individuals have been able to pick themselves up from doing nothing to becoming efficient human beings in their daily lives and towards their loved ones. They have been able to work towards certain goals like they have never before which is why these drugs have become one of the most wanted kinds of supplements in the market.

Not only do brain enhancement pills initiate the process of productivity for the person but they continue to improve and develop the nervous system which leads a person towards a healthy lifestyle. The brain is able to comprehend the loss and divert from the negatives built by the same person. With a new and improved nervous system, a person can initiate a lifelong career or do something meaningful in life. These brain enhancement pills have saved the lives of many dull individuals and continue to help people work harder and strive better towards their goals for the rest of their lives.



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